Kali Institute
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Overview of Services


what we offer

We provide professional services rooted in science and reality, that are whole person focused, and on the edge of mainstream. We are the bridge between traditional therapy and life coaching.


Counseling IN Broomfield Colorado

We provide individual and group counseling for high achieving children, teens, and adults. Individual counseling sessions can also be done remotely. We use a client-centered approach to create a focused action plan for whole person healing. Based on the needs and goals of our individual clients, our primary therapeutic techniques are EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and body based treatments rooted in neuroscience to heal from toxic stress/trauma, anxiety, performance blocks, and emotional pain.


Peak performance EMDR Therapy

Peak Performance EMDR will take you to the next level and increase your impact in the world. Clients will benefit from transforming their limiting beliefs and embracing their full potential. Once you choose to lean into your life with peak performance EMDR, expect your life to change.




Whether you are interested in targeting specific symptoms, improving overall health, or simply having fun, yoga is a great intervention to try. We offer private and group trauma-informed yoga sessions, yoga for all ages, abilities, and body types, and meditation/mindfulness techniques. Yoga interventions can be integrated into your focused action plan however you see fit. 


Acupuncture, Massage, & Healing Touch

The research is clear that we need to include our body and mind in our healing process in order to get the most effective and beneficial results. We are offering acupuncture, massage, and healing touch as additional options to explore.