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Joyfully Release Your Inner Badass!

Peak Performance EMDR


Stop settling for being less than you can be.

It is time to joyfully free your inner bad-ass.


We help exercisers, athletes, business professionals and competitors of all levels move beyond what is holding them back and reach the next level of success.

Our work gives you practical strategies for sustained success that are based on scientific evidence and tailored to your unique situation.

When we work together, you will develop the mental skills you need to achieve and exceed your goals and to build a pattern of consistency and satisfaction in every aspect of your life.

You will learn the mental skills you need to:

·       Successfully navigate setbacks, injuries, and transitions to come back stronger than ever.

·       Strengthen your performance and achieve new levels of excellence while simultaneously reducing stress levels.

·       Perform at your absolute best- even when the situation is stressful and the stakes are high.

·       Gain clarity about what you want and remove the barriers keeping you from achieving it.


You don’t need to be an Olympic Athlete or top CEO to benefit from Peak Performance Counseling.

This process is powerful and helpful to athletes of all levels (junior, collegiate, recreational and professional) and gives you practical tools to bring out your best on and off the field.

BUT, the peak performance process is based on the science of how our brains process information, emotion and motivation. Because of that, it can be helpful to people of all walks of life.

Performers, parents, non-profit leaders, healers and business people can also benefit from this powerful method of improving focus, confidence and decision-making ability.

No matter how large or small your playing field, if you want to achieve great things you need to be operating from your best self.


Peak Performance Counseling is a practical tool for helping you achieve excellence in any field.

The reason it is so helpful for a wide variety of people seeking to release their inner bad-ass is that it gets right down to the core of the problem, and the core of your new opportunities.

This approach is much more than just setting clear goals, or talking to a sympathetic listener.

Peak Performance Counseling using EMDR helps you literally change the way your brain works. You become able to identify both conscious and subconscious blocks and break through the barriers that keep you from achieving your goals.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy treatment that works to help our brains better process memories and information. It is particularly helpful in helping us move past the negative impact or memories and ideas that are related to stressful events or difficult emotions.

EMDR is often used to overcome specific negative experiences and setbacks and to treat pervasive issues such as procrastination, self-sabotage and performance anxiety.

Peak Performance Counseling combines specific EMDR brain re-training techniques with personal support and in-depth counseling to help you build the mental outlook and life-long habits you need to consistently be your best.

Through this work you will develop crucial core-competencies needed to achieve excellence in any field, including:

1. Disciplined mental focus

2. Constructive problem-solving skills

3.  The ability to effectively manage emotions- even difficult ones

4.  A positive mental attitude

5.  The skill to “get in the zone” and perform at your best


FAQ’s About Peak Performance Counseling using EMDR


What do we do during a typical Peak Performance Counseling session using EMDR?

 We Won’t Just Talk About Your Goals and Obstacles, We Will Take Practical Action.

 Sessions typically take approximately 90 minutes.

During that time, we do a combination of checking in with you to discover how things are going and develop a clear picture of successes and setbacks, and engaging in specific techniques to strengthen your nervous system and brain processing. You wouldn’t get off the couch and run a marathon without ever having worked out. If you want to do well running a marathon, you first build endurance. This work is similar, in that we start with very specific activities to help you strengthen your endurance and overall capacity.

In later sessions, we then build on that capacity by doing brain and body exercises that help you through a process of neurological rewiring that removes blockages and stuck spots and helps you more fully access your core talents, strengths and values.


Is this really for me?

Only you can say for sure if Peak Performance Counseling using EMDR is the approach that is right for you at this moment.

 But, if you have tried self-discipline, will power and just working harder without getting the consistent results you want and need, this might be for you.

 Or if you are tired of blogs, self-help books and well- meaning supporters who encourage insight and contemplation but offer very little in the way of tangible tools, this might be for you.

The best way of knowing if this is for you, however, is to simply ask yourself: What is it I would like to achieve, and what is holding me back?

Ask yourself:

Am I performing at less than I know my best can be?

Am I letting past setbacks keep me from taking risks?

Am I consciously or subconsciously sabotaging my own goals?

Am I prone to saying "no" to challenges that interest me because I’m afraid I won’t succeed?

Am I ready to attain a whole new level of success in a highly competitive endeavor?

If you are experiencing any of these areas of “stuckness” you are certainly not alone! It is common for high achievers to get stuck in all of these areas.

But wouldn’t it feel fantastic to get unstuck and grow into to your next level of success?


Can you guarantee this will help me achieve my particular goals?

 Humans beings are vast, interesting and complicated, so it is impossible to 100% guarantee any therapeutic outcome. But, there is plenty of solid science behind using an EMDR based approach to getting you the results you crave.

EMDR is a treatment protocol that has been extensively researched and has received the highest level of recommendation by the American Psychiatric Association, the World Health Organization, the mental health departments of the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and many other public health authorities.


How long will it take to see results, and do the results last?

 Every person is different. Your results will vary depending on your personal commitment level, the type of challenges you want to overcome, and how you personally define peak performance. That being said, most people start to see noticeable results after 2-4 sessions, and discover that it only takes about 6 months of commitment to this work to achieve profound impact. Best of all, the skills and techniques you learn do literally re-wire your brain for lasting change, and you will discover yourself leaving the process feeling better, stronger and more fierce than when you came into it.


How do I get started?

Click here to visit our Getting Started Page. From there, you can schedule an initial 20-minute Phone Consult (and then your first appointment)--and we can discover together how to release YOUR inner bad-ass.