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Healing Touch & EMDR

Release What Is Holding You Back

and Realize Your Full Creative or Career Potential


If you are like many ambitious and imaginative people, you can sometimes feel concerned that you are not living up to your full capacity and expressing your real life’s purpose. 

You can feel as if something is blocking you from authentically connecting to and living out your deepest vision for your life.

It can even seem as if your efforts to achieve and experience greater levels of authenticity and joy always fall short.

It is not uncommon for high-potential people to struggle with painful issues such as:

·     engaging in behaviors they know are self-sabotaging

·      running into repeated creative dry spells, blocks, or mis-fires

·      having trouble staying focused and following through on important projects

·      feeling confused or overwhelmed by their options and failing to find direction or focus

·      repeatedly encountering people and situations that are unsupportive or off-kilter


Many high achieving and creative people secretly feel that they are not quite able to consistently tap into

the very drive and creativity that they most value.

They can end up feeling like “a bit of a mess” because they deeply want to do and achieve more, but somehow never reach their goals.

These individuals feel as if the passion and talent are there, deep inside, but there is an endless list of things that get in the way when it is time for their brilliance to shine.

If you are feeling any of these things, it is OK!  You can stop blaming yourself now.

It is not necessarily your fault that you can’t quite reach the levels of creative and career expression you know are possible. 

And, your feelings of being stuck do not mean that you don’t want it badly enough, that all your efforts to grow and heal so far have been fruitless so far, or that you are fated to be disappointed with life, and with yourself.

The thing is, there probably IS something getting in the way.

There are probably deep subconscious and energetic blockages that are keeping your talent and brilliance from flowing naturally. 

Sometimes, more self-discipline and more insight might not be the keys to making things change. And, sometimes, even changing our practical environment and circumstance won’t result in the changes we seek.

Sometimes deeper healing requires a very different approach.

That is because, in addition to our conscious thoughts and actions driving our life-story, our lives can also be deeply impacted by the energy we carry with us as we move through the world. 

Our subconscious patterning can cause us to put out the wrong “vibe” and even though we do and (consciously) think all the right things, there is something about the way we do these things that is slightly off. When this happens, we can feel stuck or experience repeated “bad luck.”

We don’t get quite the results we desire, and that we know are possible.


To change these outcomes, we need to go beyond the rational mind when we seek healing

and literally change the energetic patterns that our thoughts and actions spring from.

Think of it as quantum healing.

This powerful level of healing is possible, and it is accessible.

By re-patterning our most habitual brain and thinking patterns through EMDR therapy while at the same time gently re-configuring our deepest vitality and life energy patterns through Healing Touch therapy, we can quickly get to the deepest roots of the issues that may be stopping you from living your best life and release what is holding you back.

We can change the blueprint that our conscious thoughts and actions spring from, at the same time we change the core nature of the energy we unconsciously express as we move about our daily lives.

And the results can be tremendous.

When those blockages are removed, everything can get easier.


Combined Healing Touch and EMDR Therapy Can

Radically Change What Is Possible for You


For the right candidates, this form of deep healing can remove blockages that have been hindering your health, creativity, drive, and vitality for years.

It can make it vastly easier to move forward and create your best life. And it can help you naturally attract more of the right people and opportunities into your life.

Without having to over-effort, or beat up on yourself in the name of “achieving your goals.”

When you are energetically clean and clear, all the previous work you have done to grow on a mental, spiritual and intellectual level can start to bear more fruit.

Breakthrough shifts in your energy and thinking permanently change your instinctive responses to challenging situations and allow you to more easily release your authentic brilliance.

You start to easily tap into your ability to move forward, make decisions and take powerful action without experiencing unnecessary struggle and confusion.

Best of all, you start to naturally tune in to your authentic values and priorities on an even deeper level so that you can stay easily aligned with your vision and potential, rather than being distracted by obligations and obstacles.


Healing Touch Combined with EMDR Therapy

Is A Unique Process

While there are many therapists who offer EMDR therapy, and many healing practitioners who offer Healing Touch, the use of these two healing methods in concert with one another is a rare and unique approach.

We are committed to this approach at the Kali Institute because it is so ideally suited to meeting the needs of our favorite clients. 

When combined, these two modalities are particularly effective for helping highly committed and self-aware creatives, athletes and professionals who are ready to achieve big dreams and joyfully release their inner bad-ass.

However, this unique method of healing is not for the faint of heart.

Unlike many forms of therapy, this advanced option allows you to quickly tap into and heal your deepest patterns. It is not well suited for those who are new to the process of spiritual, personal and therapeutic work.

This is not because the process is daunting or dangerous. Quite the opposite! It is a gentle, effective and fast process. 

But it does require a strong level of self-awareness and the readiness to experience a great deal of internal and external change quickly.

This work also reaches deep, often touching on events in our lives from both recently or long ago that have left us spiritually or emotionally fragmented or disjointed. 
Doing this work can result in a feeling of “calling home” parts of your perception or personality that you have lost touch with or minimized in an unhelpful way.

When you do this kind of work you need to remain open, curious and dedicated to a period of integration as you reacquaint yourself with all the many aspects of your personal talent, wisdom, drive and life purpose that are ready to be more fully expressed in your life.

If you feel you are a good fit for this kind of work, browse through the frequently asked questions section below, follow the link to get your welcome packet, and make your first appointment to start healing from the core and releasing your full potential!


Frequently Asked Questions

about Combined EMDR and Healing Touch Therapy


Is this process only for people with creative or career blocks? Can I use this form of therapy to address other issues?

No, this work is not only for folks with career or creativity blocks.

Although people experiencing these types of blockages often intuitively resonate with this kind of work, and it can provide them relief that is unavailable through the traditional ways of addressing such problems, this is not the only application for combined EMDR and Healing Touch Work. Many people with persisting, chronic or undiagnosed health ailments can also find this type of work to be particularly helpful, as can people who are experiencing other chronic issues that are not responding to traditional treatments. If you are unsure whether this type of therapy might be right for you, please arrange a consultation with Erin Linehan, LPC.


What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch (HT) is an energy therapy in which practitioners use their hands and mentally direct their intuition and life-energy toward the client in order to help the client’s system energetically realign itself. Energy therapy is most simply described as touch with intention. Healing Touch is based on research and evidence. It can be administered using a spiritual or scientific framework, depending on the belief system of the client. Belief in a particular spiritual belief system or even in Healing Touch itself is not necessary for this method to have an impact.


What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress. It uses a structured method of accessing memory, physical movement and conversation or context setting to help the client re-wire the way their brain responds to stressful memories and events.


How do the two therapy methods work together, and what happens during the sessions?

This type of deep healing combines deeply intuitive practices with traditional psychotherapy and cutting edge nervous-system re-training into one continuous process that lets us work deeply, to help your mind, body and spirit fully release what is holding you back and gently reconnect you to your fullest and best potential.

We begin each treatment process with discussion, education and planning.  When you, as a client, comes into the session, we talk about what's happening in your life, what you want to work on and then we set an intention/goal of the session.  

When you are comfortable with our plan and ready to begin, you lay down on a massage table, fully clothed. I then assess your energy field and chakras, ground, center and attune to you and then begin balancing your energy through hands-on energy work, or through no-touch energy work.

Generally, during this phase of the work, I am doing energy work and at the same time talking with you to find the stuck energy and determine what needs to be released, worked through or healed. Once we establish the areas of stuck-ness, then we add the EMDR in to help your brain and nervous system re-process and reframe beliefs and past experiences that are holding you back, as well as to help your body release anything it needs to release so that we can move the stuck-ness and help you return to a state of balance and thriving.   


This sounds like a great process- but can I trust it? Will it actually work?

It is impossible to 100% guarantee any therapeutic outcome. But, there is plenty of solid evidence supporting both of these powerful healing methods.

EMDR is a treatment protocol that has been extensively researched and has received the highest level of recommendation by the American Psychiatric Association, the World Health Organization, the mental health departments of the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and many other public health authorities.

And Healing Touch is accredited with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Commission on Accreditation and endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) and the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (CHNA).   


How do I get started?

Click here to visit our Getting Started Page. From there, you can schedule an initial 20-minute Phone Consult (and then your first appointment) --and we can discover together how to release YOUR inner bad-ass.