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Less Alone Podcast - 3 Savvy Ladies Talk About Connection

Our own Erin Linehan is one of the co-hosts along with Anna Newell Jones and Amy Moore. These 3 gals talk straight, frank and harry… just kidding, well kinda. For real these ladies dive into real topics about connection, happiness and showing up as your true self. Each women is pretty gosh darn darn accomplished with letters behind their names, mountain summits under their belts, published books and brush-ins with Oprah and the like. This podcast has already released 10 episodes …we see a binge listen is in your future.

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With episodes about things like “How To Be A Terrible Friend” and “Our Bodies, Our Fine A$$ Selves” your ear holes wont leave un-entertained and ya might hear a few nuggets that really help you on your way to the happiness garden. Erin, Anna and Amy get it - they are down-to-earth and approachable yet wise and accomplished. Their advice is sound as they’ve all had bumpy roads to navigate themselves and continue to keep a smile on their faces and in their voices.

Ya don’t have to take our word for it, the reviews and comments speak for themselves.

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Take 3 and call us in the a.m.

3 Episodes Is All It Takes!

They love to laugh and joke around but they also dig into some deeper topics like toxic people, stress triggers, trauma, depression and so forth. If you find yourself looking for a pick me up on your drive home from work or something to tune into while in the shower definitely give the Less Alone Podcast a listen. There are sometimes tangents (as in life) but all in all the show really aligns with what The Kali Institute is all about. Helping people find their inner bad ass - be it through traditional therapy and counseling, yoga, EMDR , acupuncture or a dash of it all. At the end of the day we all want to be happy and feel connected.

How to Listen - Find the series in all the places…. iTunes, Spotify, Sonos…