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Anxiety Solutions


Anxiety Does Not Need to Keep You from Reaching Your Goals.

You deserve to enjoy your life and success, not live in worry about how you are going to manage it all. You don’t have to feel trapped and powerless in your life, regardless of your circumstances or your struggle with anxiety. 

Despite what you may be telling yourself, overcoming anxiety is not just a matter of willpower. Being smart, introspective and hardworking is not always enough to overcome feelings of stress and panic.

You are not lacking motivation and self-discipline or self-sabotaging if you find yourself holding back or engaging in self-destructive behaviors due to fear and stress.

Sometimes, our brains simply fall into a pattern of responding to circumstances and stimuli in a way that is not helpful.

Even high achieving academics and accomplished professionals can start to experience everyday stresses as if they were life-threatening setbacks.

This is not because of a personal failing. It is simply because we have accidentally fallen into an unhealthy emotional and physiological response pattern. Often, we fall into these patterns because of negative life experiences, hurtful interactions with authority figures, or discouraging messages we get from the society at large.

This can create a pattern of shutting down, limiting ourselves, or feeling constantly stressed and overwhelmed. We don’t always name it “anxiety,” but for many of us, that is exactly what it is.

And, there are solutions that can help.

Thoughtful, thorough treatment can help you to replace the core response patterns that lead to feelings of anxiety with healthier patterns that help you more easily access your best self during times of stress.

You deserve to get the help you need to treat anxiety, and you deserve to be gentle with yourself. Anxiety issues are normal in our modern world.


Anxiety Disorders are More Common Than You Might Think

In fact, anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorder in the U.S., affecting close to 40 million adults.

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that almost 18% of the population may suffer from anxiety related issues.

The good news is that when it comes to anxiety, there are solutions.


Anxiety Doesn’t Always Look Like a “Panic Attack." Sometimes It Takes Other Forms

The first part of the solution is recognizing all the forms anxiety can take, and the impact it may be having on your life. Anxiety can show up in many forms, but in all its guises it can rob you of confidence, creativity, and calm.

You might have a full life filled with many “blessings” and yet still feel unsatisfied, with a nagging sense that things aren’t quite right and the worry that bad things will happen.

Or, you might have other anxiety related issues, such as:

·       Troubles falling asleep or staying asleep

·       Always expecting the worst out of a situation

·       Frequent episodes of feeling restless, on edge, and fidgety

·       Repeated bouts of digestive upsets, or skin rashes with no clear medical explanation

·       A strong fear of meeting new people or interacting in social situations

·       The constant need to “prove our worth” by always working to accomplish the next goal

·       Physical feelings of panic such as shortness of breath, tightness in your chest or abdomen, racing pulse, suddenly feeling too hot or too       cold, dizziness or feeling detached from your body and experiences.

Anxiety can look like so many different things because our brains and bodies have evolved to proactively respond to threats in our environment. The more we can recognize and avoid threatening situations the healthier we can be.

Until we are not.

In modern life, many things can feel life threatening and produce an anxiety response, when in fact they are not as threatening as they appear.

And, some people are simply more prone to having an anxious response to difficult events.

Researchers have pinpointed a number of brain-based factors that are related to anxiety. When we are confronted with a perceived threat in the environment, the brain prepares it to react and puts us into a “fight, flight or freeze” mode. Most of us just experience this as “OH CRAP SOMETHING BAD IS HAPPENING!”

For some people, it is easy to recognize that we may be over-reacting and calm down. But for others, it is biologically more difficult to refocus our brain and begin calming down.

The brain of an overly anxious person is already more sensitive to stress and may have a slower ‘bounce back” rate, taking longer to re-adjust itself to a normal state.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to re-train your brain and interrupt this habitual stress response.

Think about it like going to the gym. You are doing “mental push-ups” to make your positive brain reactions stronger and to help yourself to feel more calm, joy and satisfaction with life.


Whatever it Looks Like for You; There Are Anxiety Solutions

This is a treatable issue.

You don’t have to let the pressures of everyday life, relationships and career leave you feeling burdened by too much stress, worry, overwhelm and self-doubt.

You don’t need to fear that just because you are struggling there is something wrong with you, or that you will be unable to find both peace and meaningful accomplishment in your life.

Practical techniques can help you tap into your highest potential and reduce your distress by learning to re-wire the way your brain responds to challenge and stress.

Whether you are experiencing significant anxiety that makes it hard to function on a daily basis, or a mild discomfort that you feel is holding you back from being your best, you can get the support you need to make a permanent change for the better.


We Offer Anxiety Solutions That Work for Your Busy Life

We use a combination of techniques that can help you quickly get free from the anxiety patterns holding you back.

When we work together you will learn:

·       The way anxiety actually works in the brain and how your thoughts and behaviors can either enforce or interrupt it

·       How to identify and replace the negative thoughts and beliefs that keep you personally stuck

·       Breathing and body awareness techniques to help you calm and focus your thoughts

·       How to deal with ongoing situations in your life that produce stress or anxiety, and respond in a healthy and adaptive way

The process is simple and yet powerfully effective. Treat yourself to a new way of being in the world by contacting us about how we can support you to overcome your anxiety.


Frequently Asked Questions about Treating Anxiety with the Kali Institute

How long does treatment take?

You may need trained therapeutic support, but you don’t need to be “in therapy” for the rest of your life in order to experience significant relief and results. Many people experience significant progress in as little as 10-16 weeks.

What do we do in a session?

We won’t spend every session talking about your mother. (Unless you want to.) We will discuss your life and your unique situation, but we will also explore specific coping strategies, teach you breathing and relaxation techniques that calm the nervous system during bouts of anxiety, and learn a detailed step by step process for interrupting your anxiety response and replacing them with healthier behavior.

What if it is just part of who I am to worry? I’m not sure I can change it.

In fact, anxiety may be part of who you are, but it does not need to define who you will be in the future or to limit your joy in life.  At its core, anxiety is simply a physiological response to perceived threat. Our work together helps you learn to perceive things differently, and to manage the anxiety circuit in your brain so that you feel less stress and more joy. We are not changing your personality. We are simply letting you access the best parts of your personality more often.

What if the source of my anxiety is beyond my control?

Sometimes you really are in a relationship, career field or other circumstance that produces unusual amounts of stress and anxiety. In those cases, we will focus our work on specific strategies you can use to stay calm, centered and at your best no matter what is thrown at you to deal with. Using both cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques and a process called EMDR we can give you tools to unlock your highest potential even when life throws significant challenges your way.

Is my problem even something you can help with?

Of course, we need to meet in person to discuss your unique situation, but for most people experiencing anxiety, the situation is something we can definitely help with. We know that some days it can be hard to believe a solution is possible. It can feel like you will always feel anxious and/or depressed. You know in your heart that you want more from life than always feeling pressured and anxious. It can just seem impossibly difficult to get there. Fortunately for you, anxiety is a phenomenon that has been well researched and the techniques we use, including EMDR and cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques, have been proven to be very effective in this area.

What if my child or teen seems to be struggling with anxiety? Are you able to help?

Absolutely. In fact, because anxiety can be a pattern in the brain and a subconscious habit, the earlier we begin to work with it, the better. Your child can learn simple and reassuring techniques for dealing with the issue and reduce their feelings anxiety and stress. Best of all, they can learn these skills before they have a lifetime of negative experiences that may falsely convince them that this is “just the way they are” and they are stuck with frequently feeling bad. Giving your child concrete actions to take when they feel anxious can give them a significant positive edge as they continue to grow and take on new challenges and opportunities.


How do I get started?

If you a ready to make a big change for the better in your life, visit our Getting Started Page. From there, you can schedule an initial 20-minute Phone Consult, and then your first session. Then, we can get to know you and start creating a growth plan just for you.